Push your limits with downhill mountain biking in the Alps

mountain biking in Arc 1950

Thousands of mountain bike descents in the heart of the Alps await you!

The Bike Park of Les Arcs, in Savoie, awaits you from July 8th for new sensations in the mountains. With its 149kms of marked mountain itineraries accessible to all, a wide choice of mountain bike disciplines is available to you thanks to the 10 ski lifts accessible by bike.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, mountain biking will give you a great feeling in the Alpine mountains of Les Arcs. In addition, the breathtaking views of the Tarentaise valley will follow the rhythm of your descents on two wheels.

In the Arc 1950 Village, you can hire mountain bikes for all levels in the Village shops. Experts will be able to advise you on the best choice for your equipment.

Moreover, this summer, the stock of electric mountain bikes has increased to allow you to have fun without difficulty on the domain of Les Arcs. 

See summer lift pass rates for the Les Arcs mountain biking area

Discover new sensations on the Bike Park

Discover the Bike Park in the Les Arcs area in the Alps and its 149km of marked mountain itineraries accessible to all levels. A wide choice of disciplines awaits you: DownHill, Cross Country and Enduro for great sensations around Arc 1950 le Village.

The downhill mountain bike area of Les Arcs will be open from July 2nd to August 27th August 2021.

On the downhill mountain bike domain of Les Arcs, you will find :

. 10 lifts accessible to mountain bikes

. 8 downhill runs
     1 green : Trank’s
     3 blues : Woodstock, Legend, Marsupilami
     2 reds : Yellow Stone, Rock N’Arolles
     2 blacks : Cachette, La 8

. 8 Enduro trails
     2 greens : Easy Rider, Kids Rock
     3 blues : Canal, Golf, Route 66
     1 red: Village Express
     2 blacks : Dré dans l’Pentu, Elle Chablatte

. 2 Cross Country runs
     2 reds : Hot Wheels, Lake District

. 5 electric bike routes
     1 green : Le Vallon de Rosuel
     1 blue : La Route 66
     3 reds : Hot Wheels, Lake District, Le Tour de l’Aiguille Grive

. 1 Pumptrack

The Bike Park is an official FFCT site.


Ride a bike in Arc 1950

Push your limitis when you go downhill mountain biking in Arc 1950

Want to come to the mountains this summer to try a wide range of activities?

Get a pass for the Les Arcs area, the door to unique alpine panoramas, kilometres of downhill mountain biking trails and a host of other activities. Don’t worry if you haven’t brought your bike in your suitcase, you can rent one in the Village !

Route 66, Arc 1950's favourite path

Suited for cyclists of all levels, Route 66 is undoubtedly the most popular bike path in Arc 1950. Stretching over 30 kilometres, this moderate enduro route takes you all the way to Bourg Saint Maurice, with a passage through the heart of the forest on the edge of a nature reserve. Throughout the descent, you'll alternate between pastures and forests on wide, airy trails (D- 2351m / D+ 620m). Electric-assisted mountain bikes are also welcome on this exceptional trail!

Mountain biking just got easier, visit Arc 1950 on an electric bike

Increasingly popular in recent years, electric-assisted biking is one of the latest ways to visit Arc 1950 and the Bike Park des Alpes. Available for hire, you'll be able to follow a host of itineraries suited to this model of bike (5 dedicated routes). So you can easily cover more kilometres or tackle steeper trails (up to 13% gradient) without any major effort on your part. Find out more about this new generation of bikes at Skishop, Arc 1950’s equipment specialist shop.

Want to improve more quickly? 

Evolution 2 is open every day, offering a wide range of lessons for all levels, supervised by professionals who are passionate about their sport as well as mountain bike hire. There are custom-made mountain biking courses (sessions for adults or children, for half a day or a full day...) that will delight both young and old(er)!

Skishop also offers mountain bike rental during the summer. Take advantage of Rossignol electric bikes, E-track trail models, and fully-suspended enduro mountain bikes from Giant to discover the mountain in a different way!

Prices for Les Arcs mountain biking area

See the summer prices for the Les Arcs mountain biking area

You can buy your lift passes from the ADS office in Arc 1950.

Passes are free for children under 5.

** For the simultaneous purchase of 3 7-day passes with the same validity dates, families of 2 adults and 1 child aged between 5 and 17 benefit from this rate. All additional children under 18 years of age benefit from the child rate.


The saturday altitude 

This year every Saturday from 2nd July to 28th August 2022, Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry area offers a brand new package for mountain bikers, hikers and walkers of all levels.

The Saturday Altitude offer at only 15€ instead of 26€ allows everyone to discover the range of new summer area activities and adventures.

A guaranteed adrenaline rush with the brand new Pass for the entire Bike Park at the best price!

Unlimited access to ride a Bike Park with 149km of marked trails to suit all levels and disciplines for the whole day : Downhill (DH), Enduro, Cross-Country and dedicated E-MTB itineraries.

Beginners can try new techniques in complete safety, with 3 green trails spread over the entire area : « Easy Rider » (Arc 1600), « Tranks » (Arc 2000), « Kids Rocks » (Arc 1800).

Downhill addicts, can fly down the most challenging Enduro black runs such as « Dré dans l’Pentu » (Arc 1800) and « Elle Chablatte » (Peisey-Vallandry).

Follow the tracks of champions down the bike park's mythical trails 

Finally, experts can enjoy a legendary 1070m descent from the summit of the DH “Cachette” trail in Arc 1600 to the “8”trail down to Bourg Saint Maurice. A challenging descent popular for DH competitions that attract the best mountain bikers every year. Over 9km of pure adrenalin !

Recommanded mountain biking trails

Mountain biking is the best way to discover the mountain area

Discover the area by mountain bike and have fun!

    . As a contemplative biker, the routes allow you to discover and appreciate the immense extent and diversity of the landscapes at different altitudes and slopes.

    . As a fun-seeker, the mountain biker will be surprised by the accessibility of the trails dedicated to mountain biking.

    . As a "plains" rider, the green and blue trails lead to crossing sympathetic roots, perfectly laid out rocks, and sufficiently steep turns to allow easy riding and to acquire skills in complete safety.

Facilities dedicated to learning 

To learn to ride a mountain bike, in addition to the trails adapted to learning, the Bike Park offers a series of educational workshops that allow you to evolve in complete safety. 

The Bike Park has green trails (Easy Rider/Tranks) on which you will find all the instructions for learning throughout the course, so that you have the attitudes and behaviour that will enable you to progress gradually and thus access trails of greater difficulty.

Accessing the different Bike Park trails is easy in Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry, as all the mountain bike routes are linked by the ski lifts.

Mountain safety is essential

Before you set off down the miles of pistes in Les Arcs, it's important to make sure you're properly equipped for your own safety and the safety of others. Here's a list of basic rules to read before hitting the bike trails.

  •     . Choose a well-maintained bike, adapted for mountain terrains. In any case, you can always hire one from the specialist shops in the Arc 1950 Village.
  •     . Wear a helmet and gloves at all times to avoid any risk of injury (falls, scratches from tree branches, etc.)
  •     . Wear appropriate clothing and accessories including a long-sleeved t-shirt, knee pads, elbow pads and back protection if you are going downhill mountain biking.
  •     . Take a water bottle with you to keep sufficiently and regularly hydrated.

Like hiking and other outdoor activities, any downhill cycling venture needs to be prepared in advance. To make the most of this enjoyable outing, be sure to:

  •     . Plan your route using a map of the area.
  •     . Follow the signs and markings.
  •     . Charge your phone in case you need to make an emergency call.
  •     . Bring someone to accompany you.
  •     . Practice appropriate riding positions (generally standing on downhill slopes and sitting on flat terrain).
  •     . Adapt your speed to your skill level
  •     . Respect nature and your surroundings.
  •     . And most importantly - enjoy the view!
MTB holidays in Arc 1950

Les Arcs bike hire: a convenient holiday solution

With a wide variety of mountainous terrain, the Arc 1950 valley is the perfect playground for any mountain biking enthusiast. For a short visit or to discover the joys of mountain biking, why not hire a bike in Les Arcs this summer? With bike hire, you won't have to worry about the hassles of buying, maintaining, or transporting a downhill mountain bike for your holiday.

Centrally located in the Arc 1950 Village, Skishop offers mountain bike hire during the summer months. As mentioned above, you can choose your preferred bike from the available models:

  • Rossignol electric assistance bike (E-track trail model)
  • Giant brand full suspension enduro mountain bike

At the shop you'll also find all the accessories you need for a successful cycling trip: protective gear, helmets, gloves, etc. Refer to Skishop's expert staff for advice on an itinerary suited to your skill level and interests (downhill cycling with the family, with friends, as a couple, etc.).