Christmas evening

in Arc 1950

Christmas with the Arc 1950 Le Village family

Christmas... the decorations, the smell of hot chocolate, fresh snow... In Arc 1950 Le Village, we do our best to bring your childhood memories back to life.

Like any family, we decorate the village and the Christmas tree under the clock tower, we listen to the traditional Christmas songs, we write our letter to Santa and, of course, we await his arrival with impatience! 

Spending Christmas with us means plunging into a magical world, with a great parade, the arrival of Father Christmas, a huge firework display and numerous surprises... Everyone can share this long-awaited celebration in the heart of the Alps, as if they were in a world of their own for the evening.

Spending Christmas in Arc 1950 is a unique family experience!

Christmas in Arc 1950 Le Village l Santa Claus

This year, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas with the “Courtship Ritual” by the Remue Ménage Company. These fantastic beasts composed of a herd of deer and stags perform their dances as an ode to love and a tribute to nature.

The fascinating giants wander through the Village streets searching for Santa, then accompany him to his throne. Time is then suspended as you watch a firework display and wonder at the spectacular colours. You can even keep a souvenir of this magical moment with your family during the traditional photo session with Santa.