Le Parvis des Arcs

Arc 1950 le village


Le Parvis des Arcs is a Mountain Bistro where you can have lunch, snack and dinner every day NON STOP from 10am to 11pm, both in a Cosy Moutain interior and on the magnificent terrace facing Mont Blanc.

What do we drink?

    - Champagnes (+100 Ref), Wines (Red, Rosé, White).
    - Cocktails: Spritz Aperol, White Spritz, Royal Porn Spritz.
    - Draught beers: Jupiler, BAS (Savoie), panaché, monaco.
    - Soft drinks: sodas, hot drinks, fruit juices.
    - Hot wine, Viennese chocolate, Macchiatto coffee

What do we eat?

    - Burger, Poutine Savoyarde, Croque-Monsieur, Hot Boxes, Artisanal Soups, Lobster and Salmon Rolls.
    - Mixed or self-created boards.
    - Pastries, Waffles

More info on @leparvisdesarcs and www.le-parvis.fr

Infos pratiques :

Adresse :
Résidence Les Clarines Arc 1950,73700 Les Arcs
Email :
Tel :
+33 (0)4 79 07 64 85
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