Les Arcs Film Festival 2023

Enjoy a festival of early snow and cinema

les arcs european film festival

Les Arcs Film Festival celebrates its 15th birthday in Arc 1950 le Village!

Double opening on December 16th, 2023: the Les Arcs ski area and the Les Arcs Film Festival for a very special week combining quality skiing on the winter’s first snow, preview screenings of new films and impromptu meetings with actors and celebrities in Arc 1950 le Village.   

The Les Arcs Film Festival is a major cultural event! Les Arcs Film Festival aims to promote the diversity of European cinema and to discover the many talents of our continent.

Located in the heart of the Alps, in one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world, the festival is an opportunity to enjoy the first snow and film screenings throughout the day in the presence of directors and actors. All this in a festive atmosphere with unforgettable evenings, entertainment, concerts and DJs!

The 2023 edition

The competition comprised eight films. It was a selection that explored the four cardinal points of Europe. The works were demanding and dealt with serious subjects in a light-hearted way, which is very delicate and exciting.

The selection committee was inter-generational. This selection reflected the vision of this mix of generations, a modernity on many levels to shake up and exchange on reality and experience.

This year, we're delighted to welcome a jury chaired by Asghar Farhadi, who will be joined by Rebecca Marder, Vincent Lacoste, Irène Drésel and Christine Angot. We will also have a wonderful short film jury, presided over by Mona Achache, accompanied by Victor Belmondo, Lucie Debay, Patrick Fabre, Fanny Sidney and Mees Peijnenburg.

In 2023, we will be honouring Dutch cinema. Through this focus, the festival wishes to underline the vitality and dynamism that drive Dutch productions and recall the major place that Dutch cinema occupies at European and international level. The Netherlands will be given pride of place both in the festival programme and in the selection of projects currently being developed and produced in the Industry Village. The Industry Village will be a real meeting point for professionals and talent from the Netherlands.

European commitment at the heart of the Festival

At Les Arcs, we believe that European cinema reflects the construction of our continent. Each film tells a piece of the mosaic we form: landscapes, history, cultures, lifestyles... It sometimes tells the story of what makes us different, but it also tells the story of what binds us together; it both resembles us and brings us together. 

In this sense, cinema is a fantastic tool for communicating between peoples and promoting the necessarily political construction of Europe. 

Our festival is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of European cinema, which is one of the emblematic manifestations of this "concrete Europe of culture" that sometimes lacks visibility in the eyes of the general public. 

Films about life in the north of Sweden, in the districts of Bucharest, in the backstreets of Athens or the new business district of Ljubjana give us a concrete vision of this Europe under construction. In this sense, cinema is a fantastic tool for communication between peoples. 

The aim of the festival is to promote works that embody a creative Europe, "united in its diversity", embodying the multiple identities that make up the European Union, around which writers and directors meet for a week. 

It also highlights the role of the European Union in protecting and promoting cinematographic works through tools such as the Europe Creative programme, which is one of our main supporters.