HIKING or trail running ? The choice is yours !

Les Arcs offers more than 200 km of marked paths in summer

Randonnée Les Arcs

Rediscover Les Arcs' area in summer

From footpaths that families can enjoy to hiking trails for experienced walkers, everyone will find the incentive they need to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking Alpine scenery around.

You can hike or amble where you want at your own pace...

You can also join in with the Outdoor Activities and go off with Spirit 1950 by Evolution 2' s professional guide who will be able to tell you all about the specificities of the mountain at medium and high altitude. Summer in Arc 1950 Le Village is so much fun! 

Trail à Arc 1950

Reach peak form ... 

Why not try trail running? Running in the mountains supervised by professionals, gradually improving on paths adapted to your level. Accessible to all, from Sunday joggers to hardened athletes, trail running combines physical training with the discovery of exceptional landscapes. 

To try without moderation! 


A mountain guide for all your projects

If you dream of admiring the sunrise over the Mont-Blanc massif or trying alpinism or trail running with someone to supervise you, come to Spirit 1950 by Evolution 2. The mountain guides’ office in Arc 1950, Le Village offers these activities with supervision by high mountain professionals.

Contact: Spirit 1950 By Evolution 2 - contact@spirit1950.com - tel : 04 79 04 25 72