Summer entertainment

in Arc 1950, the village

Find out more about the village entertainment

Throughout the week, you will find free activities and entertainment in Arc 1950, Le Village.

Enjoy Zumba and Aquagym fitness sessions as well as treasure hunts and Arc 1950 sports tournaments where you can win prizes as well as having fun! And why not stroll around the village and do some shopping in the different boutiques.

The resort’s events programme is packed with a variety of events and key moments all summer long, as well as offering numerous outdoor mountain activities (stretching, hiking, mountain biking, archery, etc.).

You will find a wide range of free entertainment awaiting you this summer in Arc 1950, Le Village!

The entertainment program is accessible from 6 years old. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Arc 1950 offers different activities and unique events every day of the week!

New : The Scooty-Race

As an environmentally-fridenly method of locomotion used more and more in urban areas, scooters are back in fashion with users of all ages. Riding on the wave of this trend, Arc 1950 will be proposing a new event in the Village streets this summer for young scooter pilots : the Scooty-Race. Participants (min. age 7) in this relay race hurtle around a circuit laid out in the Village streets on our brand-new scooters. 

This activity will be on the programme every other week from the start of the summer season in the Village. 

First edition Wednesday, July 10th at 2pm.


Entertainment in Arc 1950

No need to panic if the sun is hiding: we’ve got it all planned!

Most of the entertainment can be moved indoors or modified. The village’s huge conference rooms can be equipped for fitness sessions, the drone challenge, circus school, slackline initiation and even laser rifle shooting for the biathlon!

Film shows and board games or Wii tournaments complete the programme, so there is no danger of your kids getting bored.