Every thursday of the summer in Arc 1950

comedy shows and concerts every thursday of the summer in arc 1950

Concerts and shows to live unique experiences in the heart of the Alps

With its unique setting, Arc 1950 le Village becomes, every Thursday, a place of celebration between concerts or shows.

Whether on the Clocktower place, at the foot of the Aiguille Rouge, or on the Manoir Savoie place with its breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, let yourself be rocked by the greatest hits of the international music scene. From Michael Jackson to Ed Sheeran, via Sting, Queen, Pink Floyd, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Aerosmith... you will be surprised by the extent of the talent of these outstanding groups!

Arc on Stage Thursdays are ideal for relaxing with family or friends on a sunny terrace, over an aperitif or a house cocktail to recharge your batteries! 

Arc on Stage's programme

     . 14th July: 14th July Ball 
14th July is celebrated with music and an open-air ball held from 8pm to midnight in the Place du Village. The highlight of the evening will be a magnificent fireworks display illuminating our majestic mountains at 10.30pm!
     . 18 July: Les Arcs Academy Festival
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the organisers have put together a unique programme to make Arc 1950 a major venue for their festival. Starting with the Quatuor Mirage concert performing works by Joseph Haydn and Ludwig Van Beethoven on 18 July at 6pm in the Salle Manoir. 
     . 27 July: Red Balloons
The brainchild of 4 musicians with a thirst for music, Red Balloons will get the Village dancing with their crazy, eclectic rock'n'roll music.
     . 3 August: Smokin' Birds
Let themselves be carried away by their acoustic formula and rediscover a whole host of songs you've all heard in your head, revisited with brio and an energy that will surprise many! From Michael Jackson to Radiohead, via Sting, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, The Doors, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Aerosmith...
     . 10 August: 4 No One
4 personalities, 4 styles, 4 voices, but only 1 desire: to live and share their passion for music, live performance and the stage! They cover their favourite bands with passion, from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Police, The Clashs, etc.... Bass, drums, vocals, guitar - a standard line-up for four crazy artists who aren't crazy at all! Simplicity, passion...and rock n' roll!
     . 17 August: Sun7
Sun7 is a new trio project with the warm, varied musical colours of a Sunset. From Ben Harper and John Mayer to Bill Withers and Vulfpeck, it's all groove and energy!
     . 24 August: That's all Folks
From the great country anthems to the latest bluegrass radio hits, That's all Folks will surprise you with the warm, festive atmosphere of their concerts. Original arrangements, vocal harmonies, banjo, guitar and double bass are the ingredients of this trio's passion for North American music.
     . 31 August: Rock Cab
These three highly experienced musicians energetically cover all the classics by Elvis, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent... but also your favourite pop/rock songs with a rockabilly twist!