Far West - 19/07

Arc 1950's special wednesdays

Pirates’ Day in arc 1950

The Far West in Arc 1950 Bring out your inner cowboy!

For the Arc 1950 special Wednesdays, plunge into the world of the Wild West with workshops about the lives of the Cowboys and Indians as well as action-packed shows!

There is a new sheriff in town and he is going to make sure the law is respected…or his law, at least. His friends call him Al Una. His enemies call him… Al Una. But he prefers to be called: Sheriff Al Una. Some say he is trigger happy, others that he just has two left hands. Watch out for stray bullets! A fun show for all the family.



> A Sheriff in town: 11am & 3.30pm

> The Bufaloose Brothers (and sister): 12 & 2.45pm

> Doc O’Hara’s bragging: 1.15 & 4.15pm

> No-one calls me a beaver!: 2.15 & 5pm


> The Yankee’s tent, the Grocery Store and Bows & Tomahawks: 3 sessions of 45 mins each spread over the day

> Table games, games of skill and Amerindian games: free access all day

…and of course, the Children’s Ball at 5.30pm with The Bufaloose Brothers (and sister)!!!